Wasp Hive Removal Methods

Are you up to wearing a hoodie sweatshirt with long pants on a blistering hot summer day? You will, if you’re trying to get rid of wasps in your yard. Sometimes people often confuse bees and wasps, especially since both insects build nests and have the ability to leave a painful sting on their victims. You will often realize that you have a wasp problem at home when you’re doing a bit of yardwork and hear a low, buzzing sound. And to your horror, you will see a wasp nest that’s just as huge as a softball, with loads of angry wasps flying about, ready to hurt anyone who comes in their way.

Of course the best way to do this is to call up a pest exterminating company, but a lot of them tend to use harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your health or your home. Luckily, there are plenty of all-natural methods out there that can help you complete a wasp hive removal and kill them off naturally.

There are plenty of all-natural insecticides out there that are not only useful against wasps and bees, but they can also help get rid of an ant problem too. This method involves a hose-end sprayer filled with hot water, mixed with a little bit of liquid dish soap. The power of water can give you an advantage over the wasps and their hive, and most of the time they will end up dropping dead once the water and soap combination hits them.

Advice For An All-Natural Wasp Nest Removal Method

You can utilize a decent amount of dishwashing soap and fill it inside a hose-end sprayer – At least 1/4 cup. Make sure to get that water running until you see the suds. Then the next step would be to blast the nest at the farthest distance as possible, all the while keeping that spray very powerful. You have to do this in the evening, when all of the wasps have stayed inside their home for the night. To protect yourself from stings, make sure to wear long pants and shirts with full sleeves, just in case – Especially when your spray has low water pressure.

This method of wasp hive removal does work, since insects of all kinds have exoskeletons – Meaning they wear their skeletons on the outside, not in, unlike other living creatures. The water and soap combo’s cohesive property will mostly stop it from penetrating the wasps’ exoskeleton. However, it is the liquid soap that will surely destroy the water’s surface tension. Soapy water, as a result, can drown hornets, ants, wasps, and bees. This is the reason why it’s such an effective way to control wasps.