If you are having problems with ticks in Tennessee, let All Pest Exterminating in the Knoxville area be your hero! We are a local pest control company that takes our work seriously, providing you the fast, professional extermination you need. We know how frustrating finding ticks can be, so we give you fast, friendly service so that you can get back to the status quo. We can exterminate any kind of ticks you are up against – deer ticks, brown dog ticks, moose ticks, seed ticks, and soft ticks.

Do you have a tick infestation?

If you suspect your home or business has a tick infestation, it is important that you treat the problem immediately. Ticks can spread serious diseases like Lyme disease. If you have these blood suckers on your property, they can cause potential health problems for your family or customers.  Our certified Knoxville pest control technicians can identify and eradicate ticks quickly and effectively.

Signs of Ticks

Locating a tick problem is straightforward. You see ticks where you don’t want them to be! Usually, you will find them on yourself, your pet, or a family member after having been in a grassy, wooded area. Ticks are usually between 1 mm to 1 cm long after a meal, with a smaller head and larger body. Sometimes a home or business owner is alerted to the issue after having some medical problems due to the diseases spread by the ticks. They prefer to lay eggs in long grass after feeding on their hosts.

Causes of a Tick Infestation

Living in a wooded area and having pets are both things that could have caused your tick infestation. It’s hard to spot these small parasites, so tick control is no easy job. They like to feed on the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles, so they will live close to sources of any of these animals (or people). They will tend to lay eggs and live in areas where there are cracks and holes for them to hide. Some ticks prefer moist, wetter areas as their habitat, so that type of environment may also allow them to thrive. Pets can bring these animals inside, and then they will gravitate toward a crawl space or pet bed where they can find an easy host. Contact our local exterminators in Knoxville TN to help find the ticks. We at All Pest love helping our customers get rid of these annoying pests.

Tick Pest Control Services in Knoxville

When All Pest Exterminating discovers that you do, in fact, have ticks freeloading on your property, we will send a pest control tech to your home to get started on your treatment. We will inspect the property inside and out and make specialized recommendations for home tick control treatment based on what we find. Part of this involves educating you about how to recognize ticks and prevent your exposure to them and what to do if you are exposed. This involves recommendations on tick repellant and advice in seeking help from a medical professional if you think you have a tick-borne illness.

All Pest’s expert home pest control technician will then recommend changes to your home or business environment to reduce moisture and discourage ticks from sticking around. Getting rid of leaf remains and removing heavy ground cover such as old logs, firewood piles, and rock beds are among some of the modifications we may recommend depending on your home’s needs. We also use tick elimination products in targeted areas so that the tick infestation will be eliminated. Often, we also encourage treating your pets, home, and yard around the same time so that the ticks don’t have a safe zone. We will follow up as needed according to the pest control plan we have agreed on.

Tick Control and Prevention Plans

If you have a persistent issue with ticks returning to your home, it would be wise to check out one of our service agreements and have regular tick control on your property. We have various types of agreements including quarterly, bi-annual, semi-annual, annual, and others as discussed. We want to give you the peace of mind that comes from regular treatment and inspection.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at All Pest Exterminating do business with your customer satisfaction in mind. We want all our customers to have a great experience with all the benefits that our tick control service can give. If you find ticks on your property, feel free to contact us. We will return at no cost to help you stay pest free. We want you to be happy with your experience. We love our customers and do the work to keep them satisfied.