Tick Exterminator

            Ticks are parasites and they fall in the class of arachnids. They are notorious pests and they feed on blood. Usually, a tick will attach itself to the body of the host and suck blood. They are common in cattle and pets. They pose the risk of making the host anaemic while they pose a health risk to the human beings. In particular, they are capable of transmitting the Lyme disease, which is very severe. In some cases, this disease leads to the death of the victim. There are two types of ticks namely the hard ticks and the soft ticks, with the difference being noticeable in the texture of their skins. The female tick lays eggs and dies shortly after, albeit in the case of female soft ticks, they have a longer lifetime. The tick eggs are not easily noticeable which implies that there is need for professional help in eliminating ticks. This is where the tick exterminator comes in.

Typically, a tick exterminator is a professional expert who deals with the eradication as well as the prevention of the re-emergence of ticks. While it is easy to spot and kill ticks on the host body, the eggs go unnoticed. This means that killing the tick is only a temporary solution. Usually, the female tick lays eggs on the lush surroundings where the hosts such as cattle and pets spend time. Thus, when the eggs go through the development stages, the young tick waits for the opportunity to attach itself on the host’s body. Eventually, it becomes a vicious cycle of tick infestation. The tick exterminator evaluates the surroundings and determines the best approach towards dealing with the ticks. Spraying the affected surroundings is the most efficient way of eradicating the possibility of recurrence of the tick infestation. All Pest Exterminating has tick exterminators who evaluate the situation on the ground and decide the best approach towards dealing with the host and the surroundings that may contain the eggs. In most cases, tick exterminators use sprays which eliminate the ticks along with the eggs. The fact that All Pest Exterminating provides a 30-day warranty period implies that the tick exterminators do a thorough job.