Tick Extermination

Getting rid of a tick infestation always means that you have to treat the three common spots where ticks are usually found in: Your home, your yard, and your pets’ fur. You start off by brushing them off your pets’ fur then move on to getting rid of them in your home, then finally, your yard. If you don’t manage to treat all three areas then it’ll most likely lead to failure and can make the whole infestation worse. Good thing tick treatment from tick extermination company will always follow the right steps no matter what species of tick you have inside your house.

Tick Extermination Steps

One of the first steps in helping remove ticks from your house is to treat the animals and pets that live in your home. When you choose the proper tick treatment for your pet, it’s always good to take in the pets’ age, species, weight, and health. Be sure to read the label at the back of the product, to see if you can really use it on your own pet.

There are five ways for you to get rid of ticks in your pets. The first one is through tick and flea drops, tick and flea sprays, medicated collars, insecticide baths, and preventative medicine. Talk to your vet first to figure out which method is the best one for your pet.

Spot-on products, also known as tick and flea drops, are one of the most common choices for getting rid of ticks in your pets, since they’re both convenient and easy to use. They don’t stress your pets out or cause disruption in your pets. Flea and tick drops come in formulas for both cats and dogs, and must not be used on animals which are younger than twelve weeks old.

It’s important that you are able to apply the product directly onto your animal’s skin, so it’ll work properly. A lot of these spot-on treatments direct the user to part the pet’s hair in the middle of the shoulder blades and remove the entirety of the content onto the skin. Applying the product in between the shoulder blades will prevent the animal from licking it off.