The Benefits Of A Quarterly Termite Inspection Knoxville

So you have a termite problem in your home or business, and have decided to contact a pest control company to perform a termite inspection Knoxville, and address those worries that you have regarding these pesky bugs eating your structure away. You probably heard the sound of chewing inside your home’s walls (which could be most likely attributed to your imagination) or you may have spotted a winged ant flying around, and fear for the worst. Termites may be small, but everyone knows that if they work together in groups, they can destroy even the tallest and biggest structures. In the US, termites are found in nearly every state, with the exception of Alaska due to the cold climate there. They have been known to cause an estimated fifty billion dollars in property damage, in both dwellings and buildings annually.

A termite infestation is very scary because they may have already caused a huge amount of damage to your home or building, even before you even realize it. They like to chomp down on wood going from the inside out, so their overall presence is difficult to spot, unless you are aware of the signs of a termite infestation. Everything looks sturdy and solid at first, until your porch will start listing over to the left, then slowly start to collapse. But it’s not that horrible – A termite works pretty slowly, especially when you consider the fact that a medium-sized termite nest can house thousands and thousands of hungry larvae.

If you do a termite inspection Knoxville each year or get a professional extermination company to do it for you, then you can usually see the beginning signs of an infestation before a termite colony can do plenty of damage to your home’s structure. A termite is downright sneaky, since they lurk inside hidden corners of your home – Notably the ones where you don’t inspect as much. But they’re not infallible either. Here are some of the things that a termite inspector will check to see if you have a termite problem inside your home.

What Happens During A Termite Inspection Knoxville

Termites start off colonies from a previous nest. They produce winged mature adults known as alates, who then fly off to create their own nests during the springtime. These alates fly off from their nests in a single period, usually during the spring. If you see the presence of winged termites inside your home, then there’s a good opportunity that a termite nest is lurking nearby using the wood inside your home as a food source.