Termite Control Near Me

Plenty of people are not actually aware that they have termites inside their home until it’s too late. Are you worried about the extent of termite damage? If so, then you’re not alone. Each year, termite infestations can cause billions of dollars in damage to homes or buildings, and those who own these properties can spend up to over two million dollars to restore them. This is how you can help protect your homes from termite damage, and use some good termite control near me, along with the correct use of termite treatments.

One of the initial steps in prevention is to always be alert for termites. A termite rarely emerges from the soil, food sources, and mud tubes in which they normally pass through. The first sign of a possible termite infestation is seeing a swarm of them or coming across a suspicious form of damage during the construction period. Before calling up the termite control near me, follow these signs to see if you have a termite infestation near your home.

How To Find Termite Control Near Me

Check by gently probing exposed bits of wood for hollow spots. You can do this with the help of a flathead screwdriver, or a similar tool. It also helps if you have knowledge of termite swarms – Oftentimes, an ant swarm is mistaken for a termite swarm, so know the difference. In the USA, the most common specie of termite is the native subterranean termite, and the drywood termite.

Make sure that the structure of your home is less attractive to termites. While you’re building your new house, utilize materials like concrete and leave out a ventilation space in between the wood and the soil. Cover up the exposed surfaces of wood using a metal barrier, or a strong sealant.

After construction is finished, keep the soil surrounding the foundation as dry as possible, using the correct grading and drainage. This includes keeping the downspouts and gutters well-maintained. Lessen up an opening that provides termites with a direct access to the structure. You can fill up the cracks in your home using a cement foundation to make sure your home is protected from wildlife and insects.