Service Plans

Our Service Plans are designed to meet your needs. Our service schedules include:

  • One-time
    • Not interested in a long term commitment? This plan is for  you. Our one-time service plan provides an initial treatment of the property and carries a 30 day warranty. If you would like for us to return for any reason during the 30 day warranty period, we are happy to do so at no additional charge. If you choose to continue service with All Pest Exterminating, 100% of the one-time service charge will be applied to on going services.
  • Weekly
    • Weekly services are usually a good fit for large commercial facilities and properties with heavy pest infestations or increased potential for the development of an issue. The weekly service plan can be moved to monthly or quarterly services once the pest issue is under control. As is our norm, any necessary return visits are provided at no additional charge.
  • Monthly
    • Monthly services are a good fit for those with a low tolerance for pests or for heavier pest infestations of some of the more pesky pests such as roaches and ants. This service typically includes interior and exterior treatment of the property, but all of our services are fully customizable. Also, this service can be  converted to quarterly services once the pest issue is under control if desired.
  • Quarterly
    • Our most popular service plan. Quarterly services are performed on the exterior of the property every three months after the initial treatment which includes the interior and exterior treatment as this treatment puts down a protective barrier outside the home to keep the pests out. We always treat inside if needed and make necessary return visits at no additional charge.
  • Semi-Annual
    • Twice a year to keep the pests out. This service is best in fall when pests are looking for a place to winter-over and spring when those same pests are coming out of their winter home. This plan offers two extra services if needed each year within 30 days of the regular service.
  • Annual
    • Once a year treatment on our reminder list, not yours. This service is the best fit for those who know the pest they get every year. We will make a return visit, if needed, within 30 days of the regular scheduled service.
  • Customized
    • Tell us what you’re looking for and let us make that happen for you!



We guarantee our work. Our promise is to take care of you and your pests until you are satisfied. Plain and simple.



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