Finding The Right Rodent Removal Companies Near Me

A rodent is a specie of nuisance pest which includes squirrels, mice, and rats. Rodents are animals that are known for contaminating food and water supplies, spreading all sorts of diseases, and damaging properties. These rodents are often regarded as a nuisance by people, especially when they invade their households.

A rodent, similar to humans, is a warm-blooded mammal. You can find them in pretty much every continent, except for Antarctica. A notable characteristic that all rodents have are their oversized front teeth for cutting through food (among other things), and the check teeth at the back, meant for chewing. Rodents are known to chew on a whole variety of items available for them, therefore creating plenty of damage across their homes.

Rodents can live and grow in any part of the world, in nearly every climate, and every habitat, just as long as they have access to food and water. Thanks to their small size, rodents are hard to keep out of a person’s home. Rats can get indoors using holes as small as a quarter. Meanwhile, mice can slip through gaps the size of a dime.

Rodent Removal Companies Near Me

Apart from being hard to handle, a rodent can also carry a hundred diseases in their bodies, tainting your food, water and clothes with their saliva, fur, and waste. Mice are known to contaminate at least ten times the amount of food they consume in a day. Health departments have connected rodents to diseases like the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a fatal disease that affects 36 percent of all reported US cases.

Rodents can serve as a host for fleas, spreading diseases with viruses and bacteria. This is an illness that can mostly affect people with a weakened immune system, resulting in fever and headaches. Women can also suffer from complications if they catch the disease while pregnant. It is not advisable for an ordinary person to handle a rodent. They come with huge teeth and can transfer a whole range of bacteria, diseases and viruses through different means.

If you spot traces of a rodent infestation inside your home, you need to contact a rodent removal companies near me to help identify the rats and move them out. The presence of even just a single rodent could result in an infestation.

Keep pets and children away from the rodent. If they get cornered, a rodent could bite or scratch as a defense mechanism.