When you suspect you need cockroach treatments in your Knoxville, TN home, consider All Pest Exterminating as your very own professional pest control service. We are local exterminators who specialize in getting rid of the bugs that bug you. We provide our area with both residential and commercial pest control that is worth the cost!

Do you have a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches are the large bugs we all dread seeing anywhere, especially in our homes! Touted as the only animate object that could survive the apocalypse, they hang out in dark, moist places – usually behind fridges, sinks, stoves, and inside of appliances. They can fit their disgusting bodies into small places, even within cracks in your wall! In addition to frightening the fire out of you, cockroaches can carry diseases and contamination wherever they go. If you suspect that your Tennessee home has roaches, call us ASAP!

Signs of Cockroaches

The signs of a cockroach in your home are usually quite obvious, especially when you walk in on one of them after turning on a light in a dark room. When you notice their droppings, they will appear like coffee grounds or pepper, with some larger roaches leaving a cylinder-shaped dropping. The smell during a larger infestation will be severely unpleasant: a musty, stale smell that is like no other. This enables cockroaches to stay together. If you see a cockroach during the day, chances are that you have a significant infestation, as roaches prefer to feed at night.

Causes of Cockroach Problems

Most customers that contact us with emergency pest control needs have problems that could have been prevented with the right knowledge. Cockroaches, like many other insects, are in your home because they want food and water. They can hide in the dark, small spaces of your corners, basements and closets. They can get inside of apartment walls and live there peaceably for quite some time. They get in through ground level windows which give them easy access. Some breeds of cockroach are extremely hard to get rid of because of their quick rate of breeding. They don’t have a natural predator that will keep their population from growing, and they are quick at adapting to methods of roach control. They also learn to stay away from chemicals that are deadly to them. If they need to hide without food or water for a long time, they can survive. Seek home pest control in Knoxville TN from All Pest Exterminating if you suspect that they are hiding out in your home.

Cockroach Pest Control Services in Knoxville

All Pest Exterminating in Knoxville, TN makes it our mission to get cockroaches out of your home as quickly as possible. The cringe-factor of these vermin makes the pest control cost seem minor in comparison to worrying about when you will next see one. When you contact us about a Knoxville TN roach control problem, we will visit your home or business to thoroughly inspect the location for cockroaches. We are trained and skilled at finding all the places cockroaches hide, and we know the signs of cockroach activity. If our certified Knoxville TN pest control professional finds roaches, we will work with you to create a detailed treatment plan. Depending on the type of property (residential or commercial), species of the roach, and the severity of the infestation, we will use different types of baiting and other solutions that will work toward controlling your roach problem. We will treat the hiding places where we locate live cockroaches or suspect they might live. We work to get into all the cracks, crevices, and voids in order to eliminate as many cockroaches as we can at the very beginning. If necessary, we may vacuum your property in order to reduce the number of roaches living there. We also have treatments that keep female cockroaches from reproducing so that they will not be able to lay eggs. All of our treatments can be applied in homes with children and pets, so don’t delay to handle your roach infestation! After the first treatment, we will schedule a follow-up depending on your individual needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Pest Exterminating will do whatever it takes to make your home a roach-free zone! We will work with you until all your pests are gone. Our service typically keeps our customers happy and loyal, but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee just in case!