Mosquito Exterminator

The mosquito can be both dangerous and downright annoying all thanks to the amount of diseases they can carry inside their tiny bodies. Simply put, they are a common insect that nobody wants to deal with.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are so common that you can’t seem to escape them, especially during those cold, humid and wet months. If you are fed up with continuously swatting away mosquitoes but refuse to co-exist with them in your home, then follow these five mosquito control tips given by mosquito exterminator services.

Useful Tips From Mosquito Exterminator Service

A mosquito cannot resist standing water. So if there’s even just a small puddle pooling up around your backyard or garden, then you’re sure to find loads of mosquitoes in that same area too. Here is how to lessen the amount of standing water: Make sure the faucets outside your home aren’t leaking or dripping. A leaky faucet can build up a puddle near your foundation that invites mosquitos to breed and lay their eggs. Get rid of any items found in your yard, which don’t serve any other purpose except to gather up some water, including overturned trash can lids or buckets.

If you have children’s toys or canoes lying outside your house, then flip them over or cover them up using a tarpaulin, to make sure water doesn’t gather up there. And lastly, keep those gutters and downspout areas cleared up, to ensure that water won’t collect there and form puddles. If you cannot get rid of the standing water, like in a pet’s food or water dish for example, then be sure to keep fresh water in it. Apart from that, if there are certain portions in your yard or garden that are much lower than the rest, then you may want to use wood chips, rocks, decorative mulch, or any other natural items to stop water from standing in those areas after the rain has stopped.

Be sure to use only natural repellants. A great way to control these mosquitoes surrounding your home is to utilize only the best natural repellants. Light up some citronella torches or candles in the portions of your yard where you mostly hang out.