Moisture Control Knoxville Through Moisture Barrier

Increasing the amount of airflow from within a crawlspace might not actually be one of the best ways to lessen the amount of moisture inside your Knoxville TN home. In certain parts of the community, especially during the summer season, warm, humid air coming from the outside won’t do anything to reel in the moisture coming from the inside. During the winter season, cold air passing through a dampened crawlspace often just ends up in the formation of condensation of fog. Moving air through a crawlspace, right below a house that’s either cooled down or heated up, can also lessen the amount of energy efficiency. During the colder climates, there’s also a huge chance that your pipes will get frozen up.

How To Moisture Control Knoxville On Your Own

  • Look for the source. The first step is to always get rid of the main source of the issue at hand, just by figuring out how the moisture is making its way into your space. There isn’t any point in attempting to start cleaning things up and drying out a certain space, especially if it’s just going to keep gathering in tons of moisture in the future. Do a check-up on your home starting from the roof towards the basement, so you can figure out where exactly is the water entering. Whenever you figure out what the main source is, you have to correct it right away, or get a professional to do that for you.
  • Clean up the crawlspace. Be sure to keep the wet insulation replaced, and take away the gathering debris inside. Remove away the mold from any surface by scrubbing it. This is a job that is best handled by expert crawlspace cleaners, because there are a bunch of safety precautions that you have to follow before and during the event of mold removal. You must also be aware of the pests lurking around your home, especially rodents, since they all carry certain strains of bacteria and viruses.
  • Asbestos is also a dangerous material when inhaled, so be sure to contact an expert who can handle it.

Another way to keep your crawlspace all dried up and dodge potential moisture problems, is to cover your crawlspace’s flooring using a heavy piece of plastic known as a moisture barrier. The thicker the barrier, the better it’ll hold things off. When you cover up the floor of the crawlspace, you have to do it in continuous runs. A small hole or puncture will deem the barrier ineffective.