Local Bed Bug Exterminators

A bed bug may be tiny, but even just the sight of them can strike fear into the hearts of both business and homeowners. Here is what you need to do to get a good night’s rest, and make sure that they won’t bother you in your sleep.

Bed Bug Advice From Local Bed Bug Exterminators

According to most local bed bug exterminators, bed bugs are fond of feeding on sources that lie still – And this is the reason why these critters are so drawn to areas in which people try to get a good night’s rest. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an apartment, a stuffy dorm room, a house, a train, a bus, or even in a fancy five-star hotel or luxury cruise ship. In fact, if the sleeping person moves around while the bed bugs are feeding on them, then they’ll simply withdraw their beak and look for another part of their victims’ body where they can bite on and suck the blood out of.

Bed bugs aren’t that picky either – They can chomp down on any exposed body part as the victim sleeps. This includes the neck, the hands, the arms, the legs, the shoulders, and even their face. Bed bugs move quickly as well. It’ll take them roughly three to twelve minutes to grow in size as they feed. And once they’re all full and satisfied, they’ll usually go to a dark, secluded area to digest their meal and relax. Oftentimes they’ll vomit the excess blood that they’ve placed inside their bodies, which is the reason why some infested mattresses will have tiny red spots on the sheets. Bed bugs are indeed the worst pests out there.

Unfortunately, humans are the preferred victims of bed bugs. They’ll also feed on other mammals, including your pet cats and dogs, or even birds. You won’t feel a thing when a bed bug bites you, so most of the time the victim won’t even feel that they’re being fed on.

If you do have a bed bug infestation at home, you can use a couple of precautionary measures given by local bed bug exterminators: Always check secondhand beds, furniture, and couches for any warning signs of an infestation before you bring them home. Utilize a protective cover that can encase a mattress and box springs, as well as get rid of the dozens of hiding spots that bed bugs crawl in. Always vacuum your home to get rid of these hitchhikers. Lessen the amount of clutter as well.