Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment

Even though guaranteed bed bug treatment isn’t something that you’re willing to do all by yourself, there are still some DIY things out there who may want to handle this issue without the help of a pest control company. Even though these tips might not be able to help you out when it comes to fully eradicating the bed bugs inside your home, they can still help you reduce the amount of infestation involved.

Perhaps one of the scariest realizations in regards to bed bugs is that plenty of people don’t even know that they have bed bugs residing in their mattress, until a couple of days after one bites them, or until they see one of the signs of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are known to be bloodsucking little pests who only come out during the nighttime, and cannot be seen by their victims. Prevention is always one of the best strategies to take when it comes to guaranteed bed bug treatment. But in case you do end up finding them inside your couch or mattress, here are several tips to help reduce the amount of these bloodsucking creatures.

Advice For Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment

Bring your infested mattress, pillows, or cushions to the laundry. After getting up in the morning, do you find tiny insect bites littered across your back, your neck, your arms, or just about any part of the body where skin is exposed? Is your bedding or mattress filled with tiny dark red smears or spots? Do you see any molted bug skins? Or do you smell something in your mattress that has a similar scent to rotting fruit? If the manufacturers behind your bed allow it to be washed, then by all means give them a soak in hot and soapy water, at a temperature of over 120 degrees. The hot water setting inside your washing machine should probably work wonders.

A household dryer’s own settings is already quite hot enough to kill ants and bed bugs, so you must dry your beddings or cushion using the dryer’s highest heat setting. A bed bug won’t be able to survive in a hot dryer for up to 30 minutes. Always make sure to check the care instructions for your hair dryer or mattress at first, because some high heat settings could end up damaging your fabric. And once that’s done, be sure to transfer your bedding to and coming from the laundry room with the help of a dedicated hamper, or bags to stop cross-contamination of towels, clothes, and other infected items.