Flea Control Services

Of course nobody wants to have fleas inside their own home. But when a pet dog or cat catches them and brings them into your own home, it can be quite hard to get rid of them instead. Your pet can acquire fleas coming from outdoor areas, or from hanging out with other pets or stray animals that have their own fleas. No matter if you decide to get rid of these fleas by yourself, or seek the help of a pest control company, it’s still very important that the yard, the pets, and the home – If possible, will all be treated at the same time.

If you have decided to make a contract with a pest control provider and require their service for flea extermination, then there are a couple of steps that you have to prepare.

Preparations Required by Flea Control Services

Before you can do any of this, or just about any type of flea control services, keep in mind that PCOs, also known as professional pest control operators, will often give you with a certain list of preparation activities, or ‘prep’, which you have to achieve during the allotted time before they arrive at your doorstep. But the following will list down a couple of the most common requests, or any other recommendation done by the PCOs – And you should also follow them before you can purchase any of these flea control services or pest control products to use on your pets.

Thanks to a lack of preparation, the entire treatment could go awry and result in an unsafe result. Or worse, it could create an even bigger flea infestation into your entire home or building. Plenty of these PCOs are not willing to treat certain areas which have not been prepared with their assigned instructions.

You can help flea control services get rid of the flea infestation in your home or pets by performing the following things:

  • Be prepared to leave your home or workplace during the treatment, and until the applied insecticide has been dried off thoroughly. This could last for three up to five hours, or the time granted by the pest control operator.
  • Destroy old pet beds, or wash new ones in hot water. Vacuum all carpets and mop the floors. This includes the ones found along walls, and inside closets. It also helps if you vacuum or clean up your furniture, especially the ones beneath cushions or in between them.