Flea Control Service

Another common pest is the flea. Like the tick, the flea feeds on the blood of the host. However, unlike the tick, the flea often resides inside the body of the host. Usually, the flea targets the soft parts oaf the body with the legs being the most common place that fleas attack. A flea bite is itchy and it results in a general feeling of discomfort and restlessness. These bites results in red spots which have reddened haloes all around them. Fleas can infest pets to such an extent that they become difficult to control. Thus, the flea control service is necessary to combat any kind of flea infestation. Basically, a flea goes through the four phases of development. During the pupa stage, the fleas are almost difficult to eliminate since they resist coming out of the cocoons. After feeding, the female flea lays eggs which can total to about 500 to 800 in its lifetime which is usually days or weeks. The eggs develop best in a humid and warm environment although they can also thrive indoors on the beddings and the carpet. Pets are the ones that carry these eggs indoors. Pets that have been infested by flea exhibit signs such as excessive scratching, irritated ears, and dry skin which has red sores. Flea control service seeks to eliminate both the fleas and the eggs to avoid future reoccurrence of the problem. Usually, pest control companies have flea control service as one of the services that they offer. Flea control comprises of four major steps listed below.

  • The first step involves a thorough sanitation of the home. Thorough vacuuming is the best approach towards this. The focus should be on the low-lying and warm areas such as the carpet, pet beddings, floor, and furniture. Proper vacuuming eliminates the adult fleas while forcing those in the pupa stage to come out of their cocoons.
  • Working with the flea control specialist to devise the best approach towards flea extermination. Some approaches may include the use of insecticides or the use of certified technologies such as Sentricon. After deciding on the approach, implement the plan.
  • The pet should receive proper veterinary attention to eliminate flea from the animal. Just like it is the case with the step above, this should involve proper consultations with a veterinary expert.
  • Vacuum the floors and the carpets along with other low-lying surfaces for two to three consecutive weeks to control a probable population resurgence.

All Pest Exterminating offers flea control service in Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding regions. The flea exterminators use flea treatments which kill the flea instantly. Since the pupa stage is somewhat difficult to control as mentioned before, the exterminators use insect growth regulators to ensure that the larvae fleas do not reach full maturity. The firm has service packages which cater to the specific needs of the different prospective clients.  These packages include:

  • One-time package.
  • Weekly package.
  • Monthly package.
  • Quarterly package.
  • Semi-annual package.
  • Annual package.