Where Can You Find A Fire Ant Extermination Near Me

Both imported and native red fire ants can inflict painful bites onto their victims. And what makes this worse is that these ant species are very aggressive, and their sting can create lots of allergic reactions ranging from nausea, irritation, to something more severe.

Red fire ants are also known to attack anything that bothers their nests. Apart from hurting animals and people, they can also cause great damage to buildings, plants, air-conditioning units, as well as telephone wires. The reason for this isn’t exactly clear. However, according to experts, fire ants are drawn to electrical currents, and can create loads of damage by resting inside places like electrical junction boxes. There are two types of red imported fire ants, namely: single-queen ones, and multiple-queen ones.

Worker ants who reside in single-queen colonies are fierce and highly territorial, only hunting for food in spaces near their colony. Meanwhile, worker ants who live in multiple-queen colonies are not territorial at all. They can move around from one colony to another, and this is the reason why the amount of colonies will keep multiplying.

Areas filled with a single-queen colony of fire ants will include at least 40 to 150 colonies per acre.

Fire Ant Extermination Near Me

There are two ways to handle fire ants: The first one is known as the broadcasting method. You have to broadcast a fire ant bait on top of the whole area. You need to do this at least a couple of times per year during the warmer months, since it can readily solve over 90 percent of the entire infestation. If colonies will still form after that, treat them individually.

Treating these colonies without the help of a broadcast treatment for the entire yard might be a bit of a struggle. You can utilize the drench method of applying liquid pesticide, pouring it into the colony’s entrance. Make sure that the colony has been treated beforehand. Pour in enough pesticide into the colony to eradicate the queens.

According to an expert fire ant extermination near me, whenever you utilize a liquid insecticide, this means that your main objective is to kill off the queen. The fire ant extermination near me will want to drench the entire colony with the insecticide. Perhaps the best way to do this is to utilize a rod to create a vertical tunnel inside the colony, to handle the liquid mixture reaching the queen herself.