Fire Ant Control near Me

The fire ant is one of the most common around households in the larger ant family. Fire ants are not friendly to people and they have a slightly venomous sting. However, unlike bees, fire ants do not die after stinging. They are predatory and they feed on insects and other animals that act as pollination agents. Besides that, they can also damage seeds. Thus, while they pose an agricultural threat, they can also cause a major shift in the ecosystem due to the damage they inflict over time. Thus, apart from having painful bites, they are also dangerous to the ecosystem. They are also aggressive when it comes to protecting their nesting places. In most cases, fire ants nest in the lawns and other open sunny places. It is noteworthy to highlight that in the 1950s, the US government declared the fire ants a national disaster. The government started a fire ant control program that involved dusting millions of acres with poison. This approach was not effective since it led to the destruction of other animals such as dogs, birds, and cattle. Their presence is easy to determine due to the presence of soil moulds in the affected areas. It is for this reason that there are various companies that deal with fire ant control near me. All Pest Exterminating is one such company.

All Pest Exterminating Fire Ant Control Near Me Services

            All Pest Exterminating Company operates in Knoxville, Tennessee, but the firm provides fire ant control services in other parts of the state as well. According to the firm, fire ant control is somewhat challenging when you factor in some various elements. For instance, the reproduction rate of these ants is very fast with the queen laying up to 800 eggs in a day. At such a rate, these ants can transform from a single unit to a colony in a matter of days. Such colonies can have between 100,000 and 500,000 fire ants. Besides that, the ants have an endless quest for food. This implies that the clients must also be willing to go the extra mile to keep the house spotless by vacuuming and cleaning regularly.

In as much as the task is somewhat daunting, All Pest Exterminating has the right level of expertise to deal with the fire ants. The most common method of fire ant control involves spraying and dusting using chemicals which eradicate the ants without destroying other components of the ecosystem. The modern day approaches that All Pest Exterminating uses try as much as possible to eradicate the ants without affecting the ecosystem. Usually, the process involves digging up the anthill as well to avoid leaving any traces that might influence a recurrence. Experts from All Pest Exterminating ensure that there is no possibility of reoccurrence of the fire ants. All Pest Exterminating provides quality services at an affordable rate. The cost depends on the service package that the client chooses and the severity of the problem. The packages include one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual service packages. Overall, All Pest Exterminating Company is among the best when it comes to fire ant control near me.