Exterminator Pest Control

Nothing can ruin a picnic much like a line of ants. The same goes with a barbecue and a whole swarm of mosquitoes. And there’s nothing that can bother you during the start of the day like seeing a mouse, a roach, or a huge spider in broad daylight.

Make sure to keep those pesky bugs away from your own yard and the interior of the home, using these tips, provided by top-notch exterminator pest control companies.

Advice From Exterminator Pest Control Companies In Keeping Bugs Away From Your Home

  • Make sure to block away the entry right into your household. One of the very first lines of defense here is to make it hard for these critters to find even just the smallest entry right into your own home. Take a look at your screens, doors, or windows for tiny holes, and fix them immediately once you find any. Also be sure to inspect your windows and doors for gaps, and replace the strips once required.
  • According to most exterminator pest control companies, leaving even just a tiny amount of crumbs on the floor or counter can serve as a treasure chest to ants, mice, and other bugs. Allow them to find this treasure someplace far from your home – Preferably outside. Wipe and clean the floors and counters regularly, store food away when not eating them, and always clean up the garbage disposal.
  • Get rid of standing water. This is a good way to control the mosquito population in your home, since they can use the water as a breeding ground. Standing water also serves as an open invitation for these bugs to start a family. Sometimes it’s hard to spot areas in your home with standing water in them, so always check your property for it, especially after a storm or rain shower. Look for leaks near the air conditioning, and pick up kids’ toys scattered across your yard.
  • Always maintain your landscape to stop overgrowth of grass. Tall grass is the best place for pests to build homes and nests. Trim your trees and shrubbery, rake up dried leaves, and pull off weeds.
  • When you have fruit inside your home, be sure to eat them right away and don’t let them get overly ripe. Fruit flies will enter your home, and getting rid of them can be a frustrating task in itself.