Exterminating Ants

A good exterminator will always take pride in their own skills in detecting pests. One of these is being able to identify the entry point of a line of ants stepping inside their clients’ home. And once they do invade a person’s home, you have to learn ways on exterminating ants naturally. So here is how it’s done:

Learning How To Exterminate Ants

Having an ant colony outside your home isn’t too bothersome by a lot of people. But what gets really annoying is when you spot bunches of them inside your kitchen, especially on the countertops and tables. This is when you have to spring into action find humane ways on exterminating ants. Ants normally make their appearances in people’s homes during the spring and summer season. The most common species that show up during these times are carpenter ants and house ants.

The first step to do here is to identify the ant specie. Detective work is an important step in learning how to get rid of them, but little do people know that there’s so much more to doing that. This is why searching for the best treatment for ants will solely depend on the certain breed of ant you have inside your house. Each specie has different behaviors, preferences when it comes to food, and remedies which can come in handy in keeping them away from your own house.

There are other ant species, meanwhile, that are specifically found in a certain region. This is the reason why some exterminating companies only have enough experience in handling certain breeds of ants. Here are remedies for exterminating ants – Specifically, carpenter ants and odorous house ants.

Odorous house ants are normally found in spots where you have sweets lying around. They will often leave out a certain pheromone trail wherever they go. If you kill them, other ants may simply follow the pheromone trail and appear in the same spot where the dead ant was before. This is the reason why you have to kill the colony itself, and not just a singular ant.

When you spot the first couple of ants, you can wipe them away using a sponge. This gets rid of the pheromone trail. After that, try to find out where exactly are they entering your house, and start putting in homemade ant bait in the entry points. Borax is a solution that can kill these ants. You can use powdered sugar as a type of bait.