Doing Your Own Crawlspace Cover Knoxville TN

Whenever you get a ground-level opening inside your Knoxville TN home, it could potentially serve as an invitation for rodents and other pests to make themselves at home. Carpenter ants, termites, wood-eating beetles, as well as crickets, are also known to munch down on rotting, moldy wood and your vents will also work as a type of open invitation for these critters.

The crawlspace describes the area underneath your house, which allows plumbers and electricians to gain access to cables and wires. A crawlspace cover Knoxville TN will be used to give off ventilation and seal off this part of your own home.

The area beneath your home must be kept free from the growing moisture, and fortunately, this is all possible with the help of a crawlspace vent. There are plenty of different crawlspace cover sizes, which you will have to initially consider for various purposes and reasons.

No matter what kind of crawlspace cover you choose to install in your home, you have to make sure that it’s completely waterproof. The main purpose of these crawlspace covers is to keep your property protected from floodwater, as well as dozens of other problems connected with standing water. Making sure that the vents are all kept waterproof will guarantee that your home is kept safe from floods.

Do-It-Yourself Crawlspace Cover Knoxville TN

Clear up the crawlspace first. Everything you find inside that crawlspace has the be removed, notably those pieces of wood or cardboard that termites will find appetizing. The dampness of the crawlspace itself causes these materials to grow mildew and mold. You might also want to take out any water that may have gathered in the same space. You can also create your own hinged cover to stop water and moisture from gaining access to the space itself. A latch and hinge setup keeps the space covered up, but will still help you gain access for storing the goods in. The materials required to construct a crawlspace cover Knoxville TN can even be purchased from a home improvement shop, or even better, found in your own backyard.

First off, you have to fully measure up the height and width of the crawlspace with the help of a measuring tape. Add in at least 1 and 1/2 inches to the measurements. These values are meant to represent the crawlspace cover’s dimensions. Cut off the plywood with the given measurements, using a saw. Then sand off the edges using coarse-grit sandpaper, later followed by a medium-grit sandpaper. Keep doing this until the edges and corners are all smoothened up.