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Moisture Control Experts

Are you looking for crawl space moisture control contractors in the Knoxville, TN or Lenoir City, TN, areas? We at All Pest Exterminating are experts at crawl space and foundation solutions. We can provide you a free quote upon request. We can help you identify the source of your crawl space issues and will provide a solution tailored to your situation. We love serving our Tennessee clients in the areas of crawl space moisture control, certified pest control, rodent control, wildlife control, and many types of insect control. As your knowledgeable local exterminators, we see first-hand how a crawl space with excess moisture can attract rats, roaches, termites, spiders, and many other pests.

Do you have a crawl space moisture problem?

Excess moisture in a crawl space can cause all sorts of microbial infestation problems that you absolutely do not have to put up with! When you consult the pest and moisture control experts at All Pest Exterminating, we will save the day with our friendly, discreet technicians working hard to eliminate crawl space moisture.

Signs of a Crawl Space Humidity Problem

If your crawl space area has excess moisture, chances are you have smelled that damp, unclean air coming from down below. It’s not just a sensory issue – that type of environment allows mold to grow, causing rot that will result in damage to the structure of your home. When the spores from mold have free reign, you can also have health issues due to breathing them in. Mold and rot are the two biggest signs that your crawl space has too much humidity in the air. There will be fuzzy-looking spores growing on the wood and cement. When the humidity is over 70% or higher, as it is in many warm areas around Tennessee, you will find mold flourishing. There will be a bad, rotting smell as well as signs of visible mold growth.

Causes of Crawl Space Moisture Control Problem

When you contact All Pest Exterminating, we will look for several factors that may be causing the moisture in your crawl space. If you have a large amount of standing water in the crawl space, that can mean that you have a problem with your drains and a possible plumbing leak. This is a separate issue that needs to be fixed quickly so that you do not have to sustain costly damage to your property as a whole. We can recommend some experienced plumbing professionals who can assist you with this issue. Sometimes the humidity is caused by moisture that is evaporating from the ground nearby. This problem is often unrecognized because the ground appears dry from the surface level. Also, occasionally the humidity can increase when you allow outside air into your crawl space from a humid climate.

Crawl Space Moisture Control Services Knoxville TN

If you have a crawl space with too much humidity, contact us at All Pest to help you control the moisture level. We will help you to find the causes of moisture and will recommend a custom plan tailored to your specific home or business. We know how to remove the causes quickly and efficiently so that your home can be mold-free. There are several different ways that we will work within your crawl space to alleviate your problem.

We will sometimes use drain lines or a sump pump to remove standing water from the crawl space. We can also install crawl space encapsulation, which are moisture barriers that keep humidity and other dampness from entering. We recommend crawl space doors and vent covers as well as dehumidifiers to keep moisture from collecting on an ongoing basis. We work with various suppliers so that we have the best of the best products to protect your home.

We will also work with you to clean up the crawl space. Sometimes wet insulation needs to be removed, along with other debris that may have accumulated down there. The mold needs to be removed, as well. This is something that you want us to do, as it is ideal that a professional uses the best safety measures. We will also check to make sure you don’t have any type of infestation such as rodents or various insects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at All Pest Exterminating enjoy bringing pest freedom to our clients, whether that is helping with termite control, roach control, bed bug control, mosquito treatment, or crawl space moisture control. All of these issues can make your home a stressful place to live, so we pride ourselves in the quality and efficiency of the work that we do. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We will only send reliable, friendly technicians to your home and won’t stop until you are pest or moisture free.