Commercial Termite Treatment

You love your workplace or home, and there’s a high possible chance that you’re not the only one who does. Pests love them too – And if they happen to be termites, then the end results can be downright disastrous if you don’t seek action right away. It is often estimated that termites, together with other similar wood-chomping creatures can destroy tall buildings and crops, with a cost of over 30 billion annually. These insects never get tired of munching down, doing it 24/7, 365 days a year. And what makes this worse is that queen termites tend to lay over 40,000 eggs daily, so it’s always important to catch and destroy them early, before it’s too late. But the thing with these termites is that they don’t show themselves until you have seen even just a tiny extent of damage that they have done to your home. So how do you catch a termite colony?

It is often said that termites only feed on wood, but that is not exactly the case – Even if your home or building is constructed from vinyl or bricks, termites can slide into the interior to enter and chow down on your floors, cabinets, ceilings, furniture, desks – And even canvasses or cardboard boxes. A surefire sign of termite damage includes wood that has buckled down or looks swollen, and you might even spot those wooden tunnels that the termites have burrowed in. You may also discover muddy tubes that connect these underground nests towards a structure, like little tunnels. You may also smell a moldy scent coming from certain parts of your house.

If things like these happen, then it’s time to contact a pest control company so they can apply some good commercial termite treatment to your home.

What Kind Of Commercial Termite Treatment Is Applied?

These can go from the standard soil treatments created from liquid termiticide, or exterior monitoring for subterranean termites to more advanced methods such as whole-facility fumigations, which have been proven to be effective against drywood termites. A good pest control company often uses the correct commercial termite treatment to get rid of the problem inside your house or structure.

Several companies will utilize a type of integrated pest management approach to their termite control, which gives you the best kind of progressive control strategy available. Just be sure that the company you have chosen has its own license, and the service technicians know their stuff about termite extermination.