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As a family-owned business here in Knoxville, Tennessee, we are incredibly grateful for the many gifts the outdoors and nature provide our fine city. Beautiful sunsets, the lovely songs of birds chirping, and the colored leaves during the fall.

However, as much as we enjoy nature, sometimes, too much of a good thing, such as natural wildlife, can actually be harmful.

While birds are magnificent creatures with beautiful feathers, in large numbers, they quickly run out of nesting sites. Unfortunately, when they do run out of nesting sites, they often decide to build nests in your attic, gutters, chimney, or under the eaves of your home.

A bird or two near your home is often not a big deal, but when dozens of birds decide to move in all at once, the endless squawking of birds can become a real distraction.

It can often be impossible to sleep with the sounds they make throughout the night— not to mention birds are known for leaving lots and lots of droppings. Of course, it doesn’t help that their endless flying around can get tiresome.

If you currently have a bird infestation, it’s time to call us at All Pest Exterminating. We offer a variety of bird control services— no matter what your situation—and always ensure our solutions are humane and effective.

Humane Bird Control

While an infestation of birds can undoubtedly be a problem, we believe in doing everything we can to avoid hurting them. As our natural neighbors, it’s crucial that we solve your bird issue without lethal force.

We currently offer three specific types of bird control services, all of which are humane and ensure that your bird problem is solved quickly and efficiently.

Sonic Deterrence

Using sound to deter birds can come in two forms. Our first technique is to have sonic emitters that mimic the sound of predators in the area. Since most birds have good hearing, they will think there is something around your home that wants to eat them. Typically, this will cause them to flee your home in search of safety.

Another sound emitter that drives birds away is one that mimics the same species but crying out for danger. The birds will hear this sound and think that there is some form of an incoming predator, so again, they will flee to safety.

Our sonic deterrence technology is incredibly accurate and can’t be detected as a machine by the birds. Sonic deterrence is a highly effective method in most bird cases.

Physical Deterrence

While we never want to hurt birds unnecessarily, we do rely on a variety of humane physical deterrence methods that will keep birds from nesting or resting on your property. Using bird’  spikes’ and netting, we make it uncomfortable (not painful) for birds to nest in your area, which is often a highly effective way to keep birds out.

Often, we will strategically place the bird spikes and netting in areas around fruit-bearing trees, which will make it difficult for the birds to retrieve the fruit they desire. After being unable to find fruit, the birds will often pick up and find a new place to nest.

Another method we can employ, in conjunction with a sonic emitter, is the classic scarecrow. Placing a form in the shape of a human and wearing human clothes when combined with human “noises” works best to warn birds that a human wants them to get off his lawn. Despite being old fashioned, scarecrows do work.

Laser Deterrence

Finally, our last deterrent option is what is known as laser deterrence. Typically, this is the last method we will use, as the lasers can be irritating to the birds. Because birds can see a different light spectrum than humans, this method involves flashing a laser beam specifically to annoy and confuse the birds in short bursts.

The laser, of course, does not harm the birds over the long term, it merely scares them away.

If your home is currently struggling with an infestation of birds and those bird repellents haven’t worked, give us a call today to set up a time for inspection.