Effective Tools For Bed Bug Inspection Knoxville

When doing a bed bug inspection Knoxville, the ability to see even just the early signs of an infestation and a few bugs is very important. But until recently, using tools and crafted methods for early detection are now limited. Box spring encasements, together with the infected mattresses, were actually the very first kinds of an early detection tool used by experts. Nowadays, we’re seeing a whole host of other detection methods and tools, including reliance on sniffing dogs, CO2 monitors, as well as passive interception devices which makes early detection of bugs on your mattress or couches a reality. It’s also important to remember that even though bed bug inspection tools and methods have greatly improved through the years, there’s still no existing method or device that is 100% dependable when it comes to spotting bed bugs. And because of this, no matter what kind of device or method you have implemented inside your home, failing to see these tiny critters won’t be used as an indicator that your mattress or couch is free from bed bugs, and that it is always highly suggested that a combination of methods have to be used to increase the probability of a low infestation rate.

Here are some of the current tools and methods experts use for bed bug inspection Knoxville:

Tools For Bed Bug Inspection Knoxville

  • Visual inspection: These are often time-consuming, painstaking, labor-intensive, and perhaps one of the least reliable methods in regards to spotting a low-level infestation, especially when only a handful of bed bugs are found. The reason why this particular method is so unreliable is because of the secretive and cryptic behavior of these tiny suckers, as well as their uncanny ability to hide inside a narrow crack that is too thin to be seen by the naked eye, or even those areas that are not visually accessible. This includes the underside of floor boards, inside sofas, and beneath baseboards.
  • Canine scent detection has become highly popular when it comes to spotting low-level infestations. Perhaps the largest problem here is that there are loads of huge disparities in regards to the quality and effectiveness of the entire canine scent detection services found in a particular area. A good canine scent program can produce loads of very effective results, and this has the tendency to show off an infestation that would have been missed during a usual visual inspection.