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Knoxville Bed Bug Pest Control

All Pest Exterminating provides professional bed bug treatment to Knoxville, Lenoir City, Pigeon Forge and other surrounding TN areas. Our task is to keep your home bed bug free through home pest control. We know that these tiny pests can make your life a mess, so we offer chemical treatment for bed bugs as part of our Knoxville bed bug pest control plan. We are local exterminators who are willing to go toe to toe with the most persistent pest control problems.

Do you have a bed bug infestation?

When you suspect or find out that you have a bed bug infestation, it can feel demoralizing, like you will never be rid of them. They are hard to visually locate, and their bites can leave you and your family itchy and uncomfortable. If you find these little pests in your home, contain them in the room and call All Pest Exterminating immediately for certified Knoxville TN pest control. They can easily hide in cracks and crevices throughout your home, so make sure you keep anything you need to move encased in plastic so that it doesn’t spread before your pest control help arrives.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Often the first sign of bed bugs in the home is from the straight rows of small, itchy bumps that you may find on your body or your children’s bodies. Pets may be itching and agitated from these bites as well. People react differently to the bites, so sometimes one person will have bites while their bedmate won’t. If you check your bedding carefully by removing the sheets to view the mattress, look at the seams of your bed. If there are rusty, black, or brown spots, you are most likely discovering bed bug droppings. Sometimes they will leave behind skins that they have shed. Don’t forget to check headboards, tables, ceilings, loose wallpaper, or any crevice that is located near a bed or crib. Although they are difficult to spot, you can see an adult bed bug with the naked eye. Occasionally you will be able to see small, white, pearly-looking eggs, though they are smaller and more difficult to spot.

Causes of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs can find you anywhere you go – stores, offices, hotels, gyms, and other people’s homes. They can hide very effectively, hitching a ride on your luggage, purse, or even your body. They are difficult to control once they have decided to make your home a nesting place. Sometimes purchasing pre-owned furniture can also be a cause of undetected bed bug entry. This is not something to be embarrassed about, as it is not just dirty, unkempt homes that can suffer with this problem. We at All Pest can provide you quality emergency Knoxville TN pest control to help you regain full reign over your home.

 Bed Bug Extermination Knoxville TN

At All Pest Exterminating, we thoroughly inspect your home to give you a detailed assessment of your home. We will then provide a customized Knoxville bed bug treatment plan so that your home will remain bed bug free! When you call us today for a free quote, you will receive the treatment that will work best with your problem.

All Pest provides quick relief against bed bug infestation through our chemical treatments. We use highly specialized bed bug treatment equipment that can usually kill all bed bugs at once with absolutely no damage to your home. If needed, we can also offer high quality, safe spray treatments to be sure the bed bug removal is complete.

We also work with commercial bed bug issues, making your place of business clean and clear once again. We work with you on the type of treatment your property needs. Our technician will provide you will follow-up services to verify the success of the chosen treatment. We also have various methods you can use to maintain your bed bug-less state.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is your 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our bed bug extermination treatment. Our treatment’s success is guaranteed. If you find bed bugs after we have treated your home, contact us to continue the fight against these tiny invaders. Our extermination and elimination techniques are guaranteed to be effective. We are reliable, sensitive to your needs, and always friendly. Contact All Pest today!