Ant Pest Control Services

Imagine this: You spy a long line of ants walking all over your kitchen floor, or inside your bathroom. This may be a familiar sight for some. What exactly do you do? There are several DIY options for you to get rid of these bothersome creatures, or you can just spend your money on an ant pest control service. Nowadays, professionals often utilize things like gel bait insecticides to get rid or control the population of small ants from their homes or workplaces. These forms of ant pest control services entails the placement of tiny gel bait beads, mostly in spots where ants have been seen trailing and picking up food crumbs or debris. This type of bait may also be placed inside small pieces of cardboard, or any other holder. They can also be contained inside an ant bait station, if you wish.

Bait is one of the most preferred methods of ant pest control services, since if you want to solve an ant-related problem in your home, you have to first get rid of the ants you don’t see – To eliminate the ants that you do see. The ants that are mostly seen by humans and come up to the surface are also known as worker ants. Their main task is to hunt for food scraps, and bring it back inside their colony to feed the queen and her larvae. The larvae are being groomed to become the next batch of worker ants.

And thanks to this, if these worker ants are killed or sprayed with pesticide, then the colony will simply just send out even more worker ants to take their place. Instead, you place ant bait along its trails, in the path where ants mostly walk across. These workers will spot the bait, bring it back to their nests, feed the queen and larvae, killing her and her young.

How Do You Prepare For Ant Pest Control Services?

Before doing this kind of task, or any other pest control services, a PCOs, or professional pest control operator, will kindly offer you with a certain list filled with preparation activities (also known as ‘prep work’) for you to finish before they arrive at your home. Think of this as something similar to homework that your teacher gives at school.

These tasks include wiping down the counters, clearing the garbage, vacuuming your home, storing food in airtight containers, or washing the dishes.