Extermination Strategies From Ant Exterminators

Got an ant problem? Don’t let it bring you down. Whether you have spied just a couple of ants roaming around your home, or a whole colony invading your kitchen, then it’s still very possible for you to remove them from your house for good once you figure out what exactly you should do. Ants aren’t considered to be a big deal when they’re gathering outside your home or in your garden, but who wants to see them on your counters or on your bed or even in the bathroom? Here are some effective strategies on how to get yourself ready for a complete ant extermination.

Ant Exterminators Tips

The first one is to remove ant food sources. Don’t leave food lying around inside your kitchen. Always wipe your counters and brush away the crumbs or drops of liquid on the floor. Go find some obvious points of entry where ants can walk in your home. And once you do, seal them off, so you can not only drive away ants, but also other bothersome pests from invading your residence.

If you have pets around, leave their food long enough for them to eat it, but not long enough for ants to find it as well.

Carpenter ants are one of the most common species of invasive ants. They can be downright bothersome and like to cause trouble around the house. These ants like to reside inside pieces of moist, rotting wood – Similar to termites. To fight them off, you have to take a good look at your home’s interior to spot decaying bits of wood – Especially in your deck or on top of landscaping materials, such as railroad-style wooden tiles which are used to border shrub beds. Ant colonies can use this as a type of home base and build their nests in. if you ever see any pieces of rotting wood around, replace it using fresh wood, since ants won’t find this attractive.

Borax is another good DIY solution to help solve your ant issues and get them to stray away from your house. Borax works by drawing in ants searching for food, then acting as a type of abrasive that scratches them enough to cause dehydration, and later death. But before these ants can die, they have enough time to carry the borax straight to their colony, potentially destroying all of the other ants living inside the nest – Given that there’s enough to go around.