Ant Control Service

Ants are some of the most common pests around households. Most ants are not friendly to people and are capable of bites which inflict considerable pain. They are predatory and they feed on insects and other animals that act as pollination agents. They are very aggressive when it comes to protecting their nesting places. Typically, most ants nest in the lawns and other open places which have access to sunlight. This is with the exception of red ants which prefer the damp places away from too much sunlight. The presence of ants is easy to determine due to the presence of soil moulds in the affected areas. It is for this reason that there are various companies that offer ant control as part of pest control services. All Pest Exterminating is a pest control company which provides ant control service.

All Pest Exterminating

            All Pest Exterminating is located in Knoxville, Tennessee but the firm provides pest control services in other neighbouring parts of the country as well. All Pest Exterminating has the best experts. The most common method of ant control involves spraying and dusting using chemicals which eradicate the ants without destroying other critical elements of the environment. Usually, the process involves digging up the nest as well to avoid leaving any traces that might influence a recurrence.

There are various methods of dealing with an ant infestation. The first one involves the use of bait placed in strategic positions along the path of the ants. The ants pick up the bait and take it to the nest, a process which exposes the other ants to the ant control agent. Besides that, the ant exterminators can also use the liquid treatment plan which involves digging up a trench around the home and applying the ant liquid control. In cases where the infestation is severe, the ant exterminators seal special tarps around a fumigant that penetrates the building. This process takes about 2 – 3 days, during which the house should not be occupied.  Professional ant exterminators from All Pest Exterminating ensure that there is no possibility of resurgence of the ants. All Pest Exterminating provides quality ant control service at an affordable rate. The cost depends on the service package that the client chooses. Overall, All Pest Exterminating provides the best ant control service in Knoxville and the surrounding regions in Tennessee.