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Certified Pest Control Solutions

All Pest Exterminating is the best pest control you will find in the Knoxville, TN area. We provide wildlife control and animal control, with skilled, certified pest control technicians capable of taking care of the animals that annoy you. We work to keep your property pest-free with our expert mouse control, bat control, raccoon control, snake control, squirrel control, bird control, and any other type of control needed.

We can deal with a large variety of wildlife problems, and our services include animal trapping, animal capture, and nuisance wild animal control. In addition to animal services, we also can rid your home of any insect pests. If you have a persistent problem with wildlife that won’t stay in the wild but invades your home or business, All Pest Exterminating is the professional Knoxville pest control company that you to call to take care of your wildlife or animal infestation.

General Animal/Wildlife Pest Control Services in Knoxville TN

In every situation where you have unwanted wildlife on your property, we find the point of entry, trap and remove the animal, and help you create strategies to prevent the animals from returning by sealing up the entry way and reducing factors that attract wildlife to your property.  When cold weather hits your area, animals seek shelter in your home. Also, pregnant mothers looking for a home for their babies can also take up residence on your property. To prevent the damage caused by these animals, call All Pest Exterminating to see what type of services we can provide.

Below are some of the specific types of animal control we offer:

Bat Control in Knoxville TN

Bats can gain entrance to your attic or other areas through holes and small openings. All Pest can humanely remove the bats currently infesting your home or business and work to isolate these points of entry so that they cannot return. Since bats can carry diseases that can transfer to you through their droppings, it is important to contact our Knoxville pest control service in order to have them removed as soon as possible.

Knoxville TN Snake Control

Depending on the temperature and the environment of your property, it may be very attractive to snakes. All Pest Exterminating offers snake removal throughout the Knoxville TN area so that you can live free of these slithering, sneaky pests. Seeing a snake anywhere on your property can be unnerving and terrifying, even to the toughest man or woman. Chances are you will jump right on the internet to search for “pest control companies near me” when this happens. We are available whenever you need us for emergency pest control in Knoxville TN and surrounding areas. We know how to identify and remove or relocate any species of snake we find so that you do not have to worry about encountering them again. We know how to get rid of any venomous or non-venomous snake that we find, and we also know how to keep your yard, home, or business free of snakes by making it less appealing as a habitat to snakes. We can help you reduce the danger of venomous snakes by removing any copperhead, timber rattlesnake, or cottonmouth that we see.

Mole Control

If you have a mole infestation, you will likely find the raised mounds of dirt that are found above their underground tunnels. You know that saying about making a mountain out of a mole hill? Well, it may not be a mountain, but a mole hill should not be on your property. These little guys can ruin your garden or yard quite quickly. They love loose, moist soil and areas where not many people walk. They love feeding in areas that have a lot of insects or worms available for them to eat. You should call us for wildlife control when you notice signs of moles because the damage they cause will add up quickly, and the pest control cost will be well worth the damage costs it prevents. Mole holes can cause the ground to be unstable and cause injury, as well. Moles are difficult to trap, so calling All Pest Exterminating is highly advised so that we can place the traps in the correct areas and get your home mole free as quickly as possible.

Squirrel Control in Knoxville TN

All Pest employs local exterminators that can help you when you suspect that squirrels have invaded your home. They like to find small spaces, like crawl holes and attics, in your home. Often you can hear little noises in the walls and ceiling that end up being one of these critters. It is difficult to trap and remove squirrels on your own, so make sure that you can us for rodent control to remove them and the diseases they carry. Squirrels can be destructive to your property, causing internet and power outages with their nibbling teeth. We can provide safe squirrel removal to your Knoxville home.

Raccoon Control

Because raccoons are curious and adaptable, they have no problem exploring their surroundings and finding shelter in your home. Sometimes a homeowner becomes aware of their presence because of them going through the trash for food or possibly because they are squatting on your attic property. To receive safe and humane raccoon trapping services, contact All Pest to assist you. We have tons of experience ridding homes of these pesky raccoons. Like squirrels, raccoons can damage your property with their chewing or carry unwanted diseases into your home.

Bird Control

Contact All Pest to help you reduce the presence of birds on your property. While we love to watch and feed these animals, it is an inconvenience and possibly damaging to have them living in your attic. We offer humane bird trapping services to the Knoxville area. We have skills to help keep birds from coming back after they have been released elsewhere. If your home itself is bird-proof, you are free to enjoy the sight of these creatures without them taking over your living space or business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are the best animal control you will find in Knoxville, TN – guaranteed. Our techs receive ongoing training to stay up to date with the most current industry standards. We offer convenient scheduling over the phone whenever you need us, and we won’t stop until your wildlife control problem is gone. We are fast, friendly, and courteous and guarantee professional results at a price you can afford!